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Stress Quiz

Are You Stressed?

Welcome to the “Are You Stressed?” Quiz, an insightful tool to help you understand your stress levels. In today’s fast-paced world, stress can often go unnoticed until it significantly impacts our lives. This quiz is designed to provide you with a clearer picture of your current state of mind and to offer personalized strategies for managing stress more effectively. By entering your email address, you’ll gain exclusive access to this valuable resource. Whether you’re facing challenges in the corporate world, adjusting to retirement, or simply seeking a more fulfilling life, this quiz is the first step towards empowerment and well-being. Unlock insights into your stress levels now and start your journey towards a calmer, more balanced life.

A Survey by The Mental Health Foundation Found


Of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Of 18-24 year-olds said this compared to 65 percent of people aged 55 and over.


Of women said this compared to 67 percent of men.


Of adults said they had experienced suicidal feelings as a result of stress

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Early on we will calibrate where you are so we can track your progress.

We’ll explore in as much depth as you feel comfortable with, what you feel has contributed to or caused your problem and look at ways in which we can release that so that, from the beginning, we are focused on changing your mindset.

We’ll use a variety of modern therapeutic approaches to assist in this process and I’ll teach you tools and techniques to last a lifetime as we move you forward to living life with ease and confidence.

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