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Case Study for IBS

irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome| Occasional Case Study - JACK!

Jack, a senior executive in a large company in the city, developed IBS (irritable syndrome syndrome) and had experienced a highly embarrassing situation due to being caught short where there were many onlookers.   He desired the ability to leave home without worrying about finding a loo nearby. ⁣⁣ Planning trips had become challenging, impacting both his work and personal life.⁣


The traumatic experiences had greatly affected Jack’s self-esteem. Although the cause for seeking help was evident, it is unnecessary to delve into all the specific details, as this can reinforce negative neural pathways.⁣


I avoid this approach in my work to ensure clients feel comfortable and don’t feel compelled to disclose sensitive information.  Through a series of rapid processes, we worked to diminish the impact of these uncomfortable experiences, providing a foundation for Jack to rebuild his self-image over the course of the next three sessions. We also focused on enhancing his behavioural flexibility, which proved beneficial in his leadership role. ⁣⁣ This allowed him to navigate challenging interactions with colleagues and cultivate stronger work relationships overall.⁣


The outcome for Jack was positive. He now enjoys the freedom to come and go as he pleases, embracing a new-found sense of liberation.⁣

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