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Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating

Have you tried to lose weight in the past? Did it work, I’m guessing since you’re here, even if it did, the changes were temporary. You’re not alone though. We all want to lose weight but it can be difficult.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals by making positive suggestions in the subconscious mind, which will lead to changes in behaviour and habits. It’s like having an expert coach on hand 24/7 – without the cost of hiring one!

Imagine what life would be like if you could eat anything you wanted and still lose weight? That’s what hypnosis does for people who are serious about their health and fitness goals. And it doesn’t just stop at weight loss; hypnosis has been proven to help with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more!

Do you eat because you’re bored?

Do you eat because you're stressed?

Do you make unhealthy food choices?

Do you struggle to stay motivated?

Freedom From Being Overweight With Weight Loss Hypnosis.

Hypnosis for weight loss is a powerful tool

It can help you get to where you want to be in controlling your weight.  This powerful, drug free therapy works! 

Maybe weight gain is a result of underlying anxiety which you may not even be aware of and “eating your worries” has become a habit that you want to break.

Often people realise that the relationship they have with food is obstructing their life in many ways, falling into a cycle of emotional eating that they can’t seem to break free of.  You are not alone by any means.

So is your weight preventing you from feeling free and happy? Is it playing on your mind every day? Do you wish you were slimmer, fitter, healthier but you just can’t seem to focus on losing the weight long term? You are not alone; this is a very common problem and, as a weight loss hypnotherapist practising over zoom,  I can help you reach the size you desire. What have you got to lose, except some unwanted pounds? Give Weight Loss Hypnosis a go and see the difference. 

Some NHS stats about obesity

hospital admissions directly attributable to obesity

of year 6 children were classified as obese


of women in the UK are obese


of men in the UK are obese

Why Do We Eat Unhealthily?


We are what we eat.   What a person eats and drinks is essential to their diet. The modern world has left many people struggling with unhealthy eating habits, illnesses and obesity. Yet, increasingly scientists show that our health problems may arise due to a disruption in the way we eat instead of simply being unable to resist temptation or consume too much.

So why do people binge eat?  Why do some of us consume too much and struggle to lose weight – and keep it off. Many struggle to answer this question for a long time. We’ve all heard the expression “comfort eating”, but is this an accurate description?

We all know by now that in order to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than we use. It’s simple logic, yet it seems almost impossible for some of us. Some of us can resist the temptation to eat a doughnut, yet we cannot control our long-term consumption. Some of us feel that our intake is not excessively large and yet still struggle to shift fat; some of us think we are fine eating what we like, but it seems as though the weight will not come off.   Why?

Why do we Struggle to Maintain Healthy Eating?


Some research has been done into this topic, and it could be down to an ancient part of our brain called the amygdala, which helped us survive hundreds of thousands of years ago when food was scarce, and danger was imminent.

The amygdala is an area of the brain that responds to both positive and negative stimuli. It plays a crucial role in the processing of memory and emotions, particularly fear. A study by researchers at Emory University has shown that our tummy-brain link when it comes to food is something we are born with.

The amygdala is very quick at decision making it doesn’t factor in logic. If we see a piece of cake, it reacts before the rest of our brain has even processed what it is. The amygdala’s main message to us is: eat because you don’t know when your next meal will be.

It’s an emotional response rather than a logical one. So even when we know better than to sit and consume thousands of calories in one sitting, we are seemingly rewarded for it with a dopamine hit which makes us feel good for a short while.

Of course, this rush of dopamine doesn’t last long, and we end up feeling disgusted at ourselves or guilty, which often results in us eating more sugary snacks.

The researchers have also found that the amount of food we consume is linked to our body mass index (BMI). So if you are already overweight, then your amygdala and tummy-brain will constantly be battling. This explains why some people can maintain a lower weight but eat healthily, whilst others in the same situation see no change in weight despite eating the same balanced meals.

So, it’s easy to see that anyone who has struggled with their weight or eaten for comfort will have a powerful connection between food and feelings of pleasure (dopamine) or guilt (serotonin).

How Can I Help?

Imagine losing weight without feeling hungry. I can help make this happen for you with effective Weight Loss Hypnosis.

Every day I help people who have struggled with their weight for years. They feel fitter, more motivated and more confident within weeks.

Isn’t it time that you joined them?

All too often, diets can work short-term, but in the long term can lead to even more weight gain. This won’t happen if you choose hypnosis to help you with your weight control.

For many, weight gain is not the problem itself, but a symptom of deeper issues. Together, we can identify the issue behind your weight problem. Whether your weight gain derives from a negative emotion, such as anxiety or guilt, or is the result of boredom, cravings or food addiction, you can confront it with hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for weight loss is not a temporary band-aid solution, but a trigger for lasting change. Change that can last for the rest of your life.


The 4-Step Process


No two people’s journey is the same. I will design a bespoke program, for your individual needs based on the below 4 steps. Click the + to expand each section.

Be Open & Honest

This is a time of reflection to help you take charge of your life (and weight) again.

I will give you the confidence to discuss:

  • How you feel about yourself
  • How you think others view you
  • How you reached this weight
  • Why you formed this habit

It is entirely your choice as to how much or little you would like to disclose. Our conversations will always be completely confidential.

Take Back Responsibility

We will work on you taking back responsibility for your situation, your body and your health. You may not feel in control of certain aspects of your life but, with my help, the power to make changes will be back in your hands.

After this consultation, you will be in a better head space, you’ll be ready to make small but very important changes.

Managing Life & Family

Life can be busy and stressful most of the time and in order to get by, we prioritise the needs of our family and friend’s, work commitments and personal relationships before our own.

Before we know it, we have fallen into the trap of ignoring our own personal needs; does this sound like you?

You are equally as important and you deserve to take centre stage for a while, especially now that you are feeling down about your body and health. By making your needs a priority during this process, you are more likely to succeed with weight loss.  Are you ready to put yourself first?

Inner Strength

Nobody said this is going to be easy, it’s going to be a challenge. As your self-esteem grows, you are going to need some grit and determination. There is a mountain to climb, but you will be well prepared and, as a weight loss hypnotherapist in Kent, I have the skills and safety ropes to support you on your ascent.

Together, we will build your inner strength and perseverance to overcome any obstacles. The view from the top of this mountain is well worth the climb.

You can do it!

Let’s Do Something About It

My highly individualised programs look at you and your unique attitude to food. We then work together to target precisely the issues you need to resolve.

Would you like to stop bingeing on a specific food, such as chocolate or alcohol? I can help you.

Would you like to curb your appetite and eat less? I can help you.

Would you like to enjoy healthy foods and turn away from unhealthy foods? I can help you.

I can give you the tools to support your efforts to deal with your weight and food issue.

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